Mortal Kombat Reboot - Training Videos & BTS Photos Galore
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Mortal Kombat Reboot - Training Videos & BTS Photos Galore
09/16/2019 01:44 PM EDT

I spent all morning ripping this content from the various film makers's social media accounts and let's just say this stuff is so-sweet! Since it is from social media posts, feeds, and even stories (yeah I can do that), don't expect the quality to be fantastic if you put these on your big screen 4K TVs to watch.

You'll get a shit on of BTS pre-production videos and photos, the official press release, and so far the official production news video from 9News is Australia. In the folder "first day" of production folder, we are given a slew of information... just watch the videos to see what I mean.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! For those of you who do not know me, back in 2010 when MK9 was announced, I started posting heavily everything having to do with the original Threshold media content (I started with the games, releasing old strategy guides but that became too much and I kept to the media until Legacy 2 was released where I basically stopped giving a shit until now). EVERYTHING JUST ABOUT you see on Youtube from MKSecrets with very rare MK footage as Electronic Press kits for the Live Tour, Laserdisc director's commentary, all the behind the scenes footage, and all the goodies we got from the cast and even Goro's SFX crewmembers - came as a result of either me supplying to all of these sites (and I have my own sources as well as done my own work, such as uploading TUG2MK CD-ROM content and rips, almost every MK movie and media scripts, and the first release of the Laserdisc audio commentary before others followed as well as posting evidence of the MK trailer that played before Street Fighter in 1994, the list goes on but from other sources I also supplied the Behind the Dragon documentary and a few of the MK movie scripts) my constantly postings and ramblings. Up until now I have been bitter towards Mortal Kombat but I have taken new interest in this film and am thankful Kevin T didn't get to make his.

With that said, I am back and will work day and night to bring you everything Mortal Kombat media related that I can find - and will even sometimes take the time to analyze it - and as always am looking for older content as well... being a collector of rare Disney Halloween programming from the '80s - I have NOT lost hope that we will, finally, one day, have a full VHS recording of the Live Tour, so for the love of god people if you have this, don't let it go to waste, help keep the spirit of Mortal Kombat alive and well and preserve some of the greatest content that ever came out of the Threshold and origin era, that led to even games nowadays throwing back to these eras.

This is ONLY available for 14 days and then I will not be reuploading it so you better save now, 80 MB, most mobile devices will not open zip files. Recommended for computers only. Download here:

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