Mortal Kombat Triple Feature Bluray Redesigned for 2018
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Mortal Kombat Triple Feature Bluray Redesigned for 2018
07/16/2018 01:05 AM EST
It's that time of year again to update your existing Blu-ray copies with... another reprint!

Yes, it appears that Amazon has prematurely added the new photos for what will be a 2018 release of the previously released Mortal Kombat Triple Feature Bluray and sadly the second season of Mortal Kombat Legacy will not be bundled with it, meaning MK fans who want all of these titles on Bluray must shell out the additional cost for the second season of Legacy, which runs the same price for this Triple Feature.

The case is now white and has "3 Film Collection" with the WB logo taking up a good junk of the front while the back is all white. It is unknown whether or not the extra features that have previously accompanied this release return. I think they will.

Other than that and the 2018 copyright year, there appears to be no changes in the format of the films (the first two films are released in their original 1:85:1 16x9 aspect) and if you've watched the blu-rays on a 4K TV you know they're not holding up well with the new technology and you may have to adjust your video resolution. You especially must do this with Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins, if this again is released with it, otherwise it's all pixelated as that aspect is 720x480.

You can see the new photos here, all the other data still references the May 2014 print.
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