New Cast Photo... I need Help Here Following These Guys
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New Cast Photo... I need Help Here Following These Guys
09/22/2019 08:12 PM EDT

The major cast members, males, all posted this photo:

Lewis Tan has a nice story highlight but it's Joe Taslim who wins today with BTS photos in his story. He has Todd Gardner and another dude walking down a street...

The blonde is Mehcad Brook's girlfriend.

If you can help me archive this data and email me at webmaster AT wskel DOT com on a daily basis that will be great. Some people are putting these as stories on IG and not saving them as story highlights :>( and I do not want to miss any information, including hints. To save stories and stories highlights, from a computer, access each person's Instagram through a web browser, click their icon photo for stories. In a browser like Firefox click Media Info and then click Size to get the biggest sized items at the top and save away. If it tries to save a HTM file you'll have to copy and paste the link in the browser to extract the info. You can even just put their content here in this thread and please keep it all in one thread so we can all find it.

Why were a lot of them at the Zoo today? For fun? I'm guessing so or otherwise I would have put this tidbit in a "spolier" ;)

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