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Official Links to Follow for Official News & Updates
09/22/2019 08:05 PM EDT

Aside from this site, these forums, and posts from users like myself and everyone else, please be cautious about the information you read online. I say this because I ran into this article: (which is a great for those graphics with cast members matches to their character)

Sounds good, right?

Why are fans so attached to characters that they have to throw names in there... or else it isn't Mortal Kombat? Who the fuck made these people in charge of what is or isn't MK? Take for instance this line from the article: " Still missing from the list is Johnny Cage, Shao Kahn (possibly), Kung Lao, Baraka, Goro, and probably a few others. We know that Lewis Tan has taken to Twitter to mention his involvement in the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, but he has yet to reveal which role he will be playing. " When the hell did Baraka get thrown into the hat? I mean, c'mon here. Don't let speculative articles ruin this for you.

Instead, please follow ONLY official sources to minimize and possibly avoid getting misleading information (albeit all the trolling the filmmakers and Boon will do to us):

  • Variety
  • Hollywood Reporter
  • ABC.Net AU
  • Any other reputable Australian source where it's presumably free (Australian's Advertiser is not)
  • Cast & crew members official social media accounts, including stories because they ALWAYS put the MK stuff there and I cannot always save it so if someone can save it from a computer for me let me know of I miss it):
  • Also: avoid messaging them or posting leaks. A lot of my friends are getting blocked and I guarantee you WB will be hunting people down...

Todd Gardner:

Joe Taslim:

Simon McQuoid:

Mehcad Brooks:

Josh Lawson:

Lewis Tan:

This girl, Mehcad's girlfriend, (Frida Kardeskog) was just tagged in his story:

Chin Han:

Jessica McNamee:

Asano Tadanobu:

Greg Russo:

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