No Talking, Just the Heads.While the community votes for the best MK tandem, Syco Collectibles submit a contender who is a tag team unto himself! Noob Saibot arrives in the form of a long awaited Shadow Clone variant, a limited edition statue that packs a two-in-one punch!

The 10" collectible recreates the victory pose from the latest game, combining Noob Saibot with his jet black shadow clone, standing back to back in mirror. The Shadow Clone variant is limited to 100 units and exclusively available for pre-order through Past Generation Toys and Syco Collectibles.

The exclusive pair stand atop a 12" diameter base, with the peak of the Pyramid of Argus a teaser for something specific to the characters yet to come in the final sculpt. Images provided by Syco Collectibles are subject to final approval and may include adjustments. The statue costs $224.95.

Mortal Kombat Online previewed the sculpting phase of the Noob Saibot statue in March [full preview]. The Shadow Clone variant allows for both characters to be removed from the base -- a stand-alone, solo Noob Saibot will be available in larger quantity in the near future.

Sub-Zero is among the catalogue of characters sculpted in polystone, available in Premium 18" and standard 10" versions. In April, Mortal Kombat Online previewed the latest Sub-Zero statue, inspired by his trademark Spine Rip Fatality. Scorpion, the spine rip victim and Noob Saibot's old arch-nemesis, is also available in a string of statue versions from Syco, including their upcoming Mini Heads line.

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