G4TV's gaming show Proving Ground features Mortal Kombat in tonights episode, hosted by video game vixen, Jennifer Chobot and the late, Jackass member Ryan Dunn.

"Infamous Mortal Kombat scenes get the Real-Life treatment on tonight's episode!"

Tonight's Episode airs on G4 tonight at 8pm Eastern Time.

What is Proving Ground?:
"Just when you thought your favourite movies, TV and video games couldn't get any better, Jackass' Ryan Dunn and Video Game Vixen Jessica Chobot set out to prove you wrong. In this exciting and explosive series, Dunn and Chobot put some of the most iconic moments from film, television and video games to the test. Once they decide what they're going to prove, no one is safe! It's a wild and often bumpy ride as G4's Proving Ground hosts and crew identify strategies, plan assembly and test contraptions: sometimes finding the right elements and other times - not so much. More often than not, trial meets error. And then you have the occasional explosion!"

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