Hong Kong toy maker Storm Collectibles blew the doors of San Diego Comic Con this year with a booth display that showcased a complete range of new Mortal Kombat action figures!

The VS Series -- tentatively expected to be available Q3 2017 -- focuses on klassic icons of the arcade era. The four figure line-up namely draws from Mortal Kombat II, with emphasis on palette swaps. Fortunately -- a wide variety of prototype sculpts shows they have designs for far broader tastes and more discerning MK fans, too!

The additional action figures (pending licensor approval) preview: Mortal Kombat X Scorpion, Kitana, Baraka, either Sektor or Cyrax, and Liu Kang! Standing behind Kang is also a towering dragon -- familiar to any one who punched down, forward, back, back, high kick into MKII!

Unfortunately, all of these characters and incarnations have already been realized as action figures in the last five years. Size and features should set them apart though, and keep them consistent with the rest of the Storm VS Series line-up. No release detailers are available yet, but you can look at each sculpt closer by enlarging thumbnails [above].

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