The Science of Mortal Kombat has been dragging the fantastic over-the-top attacks of Mortal Kombat into the cold light of day to bludgeon them with real-world practicality. After slaying several fatalities it's time to test one of MK's most iconic moves: Scorpion's so-called spear! GET OVER HERE (and watch):

Science of Mortal Kombat Ep 4 | Behind The Scences

The plausible pulling of a slender, stylized kunai stabbed intoneck flesh isn't on trial on here. Instead, the primary focus is merely Scorpion's ability to resist gravity and successfully yank a vertical body to within uppercutting distance. Can he do it without his foe falling flat on their face?

Nerdist's Because Science is answering the questions you probably never asked! Flashback to Episode 3: Sub-Zero's Ice Axe for more harsh realities, or bask in the fantasy of Scorpion's spear by checking out MK11 Screenshots, Gameplay Trailer, and Announce Trailer! Get over here to discuss it all on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!