Even if you're only remotely familiar with early nineties anthem Techno Syndrome - chances are you've found yourself humming it aloud. What would the affectionately dubbed "Theme from Mortal Kombat" sound like in full a cappella, though? The Warp Zone have answered this question to the tune of 1 million views on YouTube and counting:

- The Warp Zone A Capella
- Techno Syndrome
- Hypnotic House (The Immortals)
- Mortal Kombat Theatrical Trailer
- Movie Soundtrack Commercial
- Mortal Kombat X TV Spot

The oft referenced techno hit embedded itself in pop culture history in 1995, appearing in the Mortal Kombat feature film, and its subsequent landmark compilation soundtrack. The single began life two years prior as an EP by The Immortals, before featuring as the centrepiece of Mortal Kombat: The Album.

The Immortals were Oliver Adams and Maurice Engelen - members of Belgian collective Lords of Acid. Their crossover hit helped fuel the rise of techno in mainstream music during the early to mid nineties, exposing a generation of fans to the burgeoning sound.

Late Mortal Kombat: Legacy actor Darren Shahlavi shared his love of the influential soundtrack with Mortal Kombat Online, telling us, "I was very familiar with MK, mainly the movie and the soundtrack. I loved it. I trained to the music all the time. I didn't play the game much at all."

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