Blink and you missed it! Sadly, we were looking in the wrong direction earlier this month when TheYeTee launched their limited Flawless Holiday sweater! The ugly retro design by Steven Anderson was part of The YeTee's Sweaterfest 3.5 - too good to ignore, even if it's no longer available!

Click To Enlarge: Retro Seasons Beatings from Sub-Zero!

The collision of ugly, winter wonderland sweater motifs, and classic 2D Sub-Zero sprites is an ironic joy to behold. You might not be able to purchase it for these holidays, but you can certainly appreciate the work behind it.

Mortal Kombat Online will be keeping its eyes peeled for any second run. Be sure to help us out! Register to discuss new products in the Media & Merchandise forum or tip us off by submitting a lead! Happy holidays!

Update Dec. 7: Hark! You've got a second chance to order the Sub-Zero Winter Sweater via TeePublic! As seen during The Game Awards!