Martial arts mysticism and sorcerery may be at the heart of what makes Mortal Kombat great -- but that hasn't stopped fans and filmmakers wondering what it would be like if MK adhered to rules of reality.

Beat Down Boogie takes this tact, poking fun at the age old dilemma of bringing kung fu to a gun fight. Watch the clip embedded below:

Stryker wasn't well loved by arcade era fans, but he's finally got the upper hand in the comedy clip. You might expect Liu Kang to toss a fireball once the street cop surrenders his gun, but there's more ammunition in his arsenal than the Shaolin Monk knows.

It isn't exactly the freshest take on lampooning Mortal Kombat and its obscure tournament rules, but you've got to appreciate the authenticity of their characters. A behind the scenes video shows you how it all came together. Click the link to watch it embedded above.

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Hollywood is working to bring Mortal Kombat back to the big screen sometime in the future [full story]. With so many parodies and alternative takes, it could be argued the thing fans are waiting to see is the very essence that allows martial artists to best gun toting cops!

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