What the MK2 Sequel Must Do to Succeed
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What the MK2 Sequel Must Do to Succeed
01/26/2022 07:43 PM EST

As many of you are aware, the sequel to 2021's reboot of Mortal Kombat has officially been announced.

But to make the film successful, the filmmakers must follow in the footsteps of many of the recent sequel's successes.

No doubt, fans were split and ultimately divided among the film. Many of us just went with it because we care more about the sequel than we did about the reboot.

How much so?

I paid $10 for the 4K version of the film. I got the animated sequel free - as a Christmas gift. That's how well I am not fond of this recent reimaging.

The filmmakers must look to great successes like Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Scream. Yes, I said Scream, as in Scream 2022. Why were these films successful? Only one answer is needed: They listened to fans and maintained much of their lore.

Now, both definitely went wayward in many ways. GB:AL was set in rural America, not a metro, and Scream 2022 went there by becoming the goriest, if not the most sadistic (sorry, brutal) addition to the franchise. Scream 2022 didn't kill off the first girl either.

GB: AL went there and made a female character the lead character of the film - and no doubt who just happened to also be a child. They also went there by making the lesser-known child the star and not the more popular male (Yes I known the female child played the younger Captain Marvel but that was a brief snippet whereas the male is way more known through the IT and Stranger Things franchises as one of the stars).

But... both films catered to the fans. Not only did they mix fresh material but they also rehashed older characters to make the film work. I for one, was among the grown men who cried at the end of GB: AL.

And that's exactly what the filmmakers need to make happen for this sequel. If Todd Gardner is really attached to the sequel and didn't get scared by the negative reaction of hardcore fandom, then it's time he really listens to fans. And if Ed Boon's already "fan-promoting" of The Rock, who actually works alot with Disney (see a connection already with the new screenwriter also attached to a Disney property) lends any new suggestion, fans can definitely expect an actual tournament and not a battle royal.

But how could this be done with some of the characters from the first and second games already killed off (aka Goro and Kung Lao)? Will he disappoint and just hash out another Battle of the Realms but live-action, replacing Goro with Kitaro? Will Johnny Cage actually join the film this time and if so what role will he play? Will Cole return and if so what role will he play? Same for Kitana - how will they justify Mileena appearing without Kitana? How will all of these characters be treated?

Time will tell. But for once in 30 years my fire has definitely been reignited.

Mortal Kombat Kontinues... and I await with great anticipation.

Let's just hope WB doesn't make us wait another.

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