Where the hell is this supposed trailer?
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Where the hell is this supposed trailer?
11/07/2020 03:15 PM EST
11/07/2020 03:19 PM EST

Geez, this frickin' movie is coming out in JANUARY and not even a teaser drop yet? Not even a single costume photo? This is retarded to say the least.

What are these marketing people thinking - that just MK fans are going to fill their pockets full of box office cash?

The fact that many theaters are still closed because of COVID-19 should be a clear indication that marketing online for this movie should start NOW and release it on whatever streaming service(s) will show their film. You are NOT going to have packed theaters in a time like this...

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RE: Where the hell is this supposed trailer?
11/08/2020 01:03 AM EST

I'm wondering if they plan to delay it due to COVID or just go through streaming services.

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