Why no actors under 25?
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Why no actors under 25?
07/12/2019 05:49 PM EST

Dynasty posted a video discussing the current casting call for the upcoming MK movie. The casting call specifies no one under 25. Some of the characters should be played by actors/actresses under 25. The first one to come to mind is Kitana, they should cast someone 18-24 to play Kitana.

Talisa Soto was 28, while she made a great Kitana, she was older than they should have casted for Kitana.

Samantha Win, who played Kitana in MK Legacy, was 20 years old.

Katalin Zamiar, played Kitana in the MK2 video game was 22.

Becky Gable, played Kitana in the UMK3 game, was 23.

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RE: Why no actors under 25?
07/14/2019 07:36 PM EST

Talent under 25 aren't very reliable. They're too cautious with the #MeToo movement facing them.

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RE: Why no actors under 25?
07/19/2019 05:05 AM EST

Which character in the game is under 25 years?

Actors under 25 are still cutting their teeth in TV. Plus it's an R-rated movie - I think they'd need mature actors for the roles required just with the demands of the fights.

Remember too, game actors aren't actor actors. They don't need voices - or to convey the story through facial expressions. They are literally mokap.

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