Favorite Kombat Strategies for Mortal Kombat 1
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Yo Kombatants!

I just dusted off my copy of Mortal Kombat 1 and dove back into that classic gorefest. Nostalgia hits hard with those digitized punches and fatalities!

But enough about my midlife crisis, I want to hear your battle-tested wisdom. What are your favorite strategies and hidden secrets for dominating in MK1?

Here's some kombat fodder to get the brawl started:

  • Who are your go-to fighters and why do they reign supreme?
  • Any killer combos or special moves you swear by?
  • What are some rookie mistakes you see people make that get them toasted?
  • How do you handle those ultra-cheap opponents who just spam the same move?
  • I also check this: https://www.mortalkombatonline.com/t/classic/mk-advaservicenownce-help-i-want-to-win/zyGns6YzBjq But I have not found any solution. Spill the beans, kombat veterans! I'm eager to sharpen my skills and maybe even dominate the next local tournament (winner gets bragging rights, obviously).

    Thanks in advance,

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