The recent Story Mode Trailer showed how Kronika will bend time back to Mortal Kombat's past in Mortal Kombat 11, but if you thought that only meant revisiting the original trilogy - think again! Deadly Alliance is clearly on somebody's mind, adding two more references to the recent Hsu Hao watch billboard!

Sadly, the wheels of time roll on, and not every character from Mortal Kombat's recently retro past gets their chance to shine anew. When you can't have it all, it's nice to see the odd Easter egg reference. The latest 3D Kombat era nod goes to Mokap, who seems to have got into the coffee game, if one of Cassie Cage's intro animations is any indication!

"Mokap Mokha" is a nice tip of the hat to the Deadly Alliance unlockable character who originally paid homage to longtime digitzed actor, and motion capture artist, Carlos Pesina! The last time we saw the ball-covered Mokap, he was part of a playable compilation roster in Armageddon. We'd love to see him interact with Johnny Cage sometime, but in recent games Mokap seems to have lost work to the eponymous "Stuntman", and Johnny's stunt double.

The MK11 Twitter account also revisited a joke from Deadly Alliance's Krypt, recreating KanO's sugar toasted oats for National Cereal Day.

The original mock cereal box featured cartoon art, but this time it's Kano straight from the latest game who's ready to tuck-in. We're sure every boy in Australian dreams of being on a cereal box with "blood colored strawberry milk". No indications if the fun reference will appear in MK11 or its new Krypt.

Enjoying the nods to MK's slightly obscure past? Who else would you like to see referenced and how? Tell us all about on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum, or get misty for the recently retro by doing a timewarp to the 3D Kombat Klassics forum!