It's not often we get significant reveals in the small hours of the night, but the midnight unveiling of Johnny Cage gave the wider world a chance to embrace Mortal Kombat 11 -- and embrace it, they did!

Shortly after the midnight reveal trailer dropped; "Johnny Cage" briefly joined serious global events as one of the Worldwide Trends collated by Twitter.

Mortal Kombat subjects will often appear in user-targetted "tailored trends", but its typically taken the announcement of a new game to breach global interests. Mortal Kombat X garnered massive attention when the announce trailer went live in April, 2014. Injustice 2 followed suit with its much publicized announcement in 2016.

Some were puzzled by the decision to reveal Cage with a timed exclusive at such a late hour. It's an adjustment fans around the world routinely experience for releases targeted to North American markets. The result of reduced traffic and global timezones has showed there are benefits to cutting through with character trailers at unusual hours. You can see more of the global megastar in two Cage character renders.

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