Mortal Kombat 11 will gain six more characters when The Kombat Pack downloadable content is revealed in the coming months. Guest characters from other franchises will inevitably be part of that group, but according to Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell -- Ash Williams won't be one of the crossover killers!

Campbell issued the elaborate denial [pictured above] via Twitter, using klassic MKII graphics to deliver a groovy fatality to widespread online rumors. Speculation has stemmed from the reported extraction of in-game data that included directories for multiple DLC characters, including the ambiguously named "Ash".

Separating the actor from a character he originated with Sam Raimi's classic 1981 horror movie seems unimaginable. Campbell has reprised the role of Ash Williams for two iconic Evil Dead sequels, multiple video games, and most recently the 2015 Starz television revival: Ash vs Evil Dead.

It's possible the claim denotes a semantic distinction between the original character and some later incarnation, or is simply a bold faced lie. Either way, speculation now inevitably turns toward other plausible explanations, such as the return of Ashrah, or a completely new character. One thing's for sure - the discovery may've come from Nintendo ports, but we won't expect a Pokémon crossover any time soon!

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