Ever had a sense of deja vu? Would you like to..? Pre-match intro dialogues have become a font of character moments and story easter eggs. Mortal Kombat 11 is chattier than ever and IGN have a 7 minute sample starring the dynamic father-daughter duo of Johnny & Cassie Cage! Watch:

The irreverent Cage double-act are quipping fighting words and striking a pose -- the same pose, again and again... Fortunately, repetition isn't a major issue when duplicate match-ups feature all-new dialogues! It's a cavalcade of giggles and gratuitous movie references, with some interesting tidbits thrown in for good measure.

Apparently former President Ronald Reagan is one of the few actors to really impress Geras over the centuries, even if he can quote Rutger Hauer's legendary speech from Blade Runner. Scorpion isn't concerned with black & yellow brand confusion caused by D'Vorah, but will kill Cassie for taking his catchphrase. Sonya Blade hasn't seen When Harry Met Sally, gets goosebumps just thinking about papercuts, and isn't any more smitten with "cheap beer" Johnny, even if Cassie says he gets better with age. Cages young and old are developing a twin cops action feature with the working title Double Something, and are fans of Austin Powers. Lots of fun character beats and laughs, but if you want to avoid meatier matter and potential spoilers, stop reading now!

Geras claims he met Johnny Cage's ancestors "many centuries ago" during one of his "billion" life cycles, presumably the same ones who were bred to defeat gods. Despite that mythic bloodline, according to Raiden, it was the amulet that really finished Shinnok off. Skarlet never the less considers Cassie's blood to be holy, and blessed by the Elder Gods.

Apparently trusting Raiden cost Cassie Cage her mother at some point. Most of the featured dialogues present Sonya Blade as her younger self, yet to hook up with Johnny, which may mean the hardened General of MKX meets her untimely demise. You can see Sonya and Cassie in action in the new Story Mode Trailer.

It looks like character intros are going to be another highlight when the new game ships for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC starting April 23rd! Have your own dialogue and share your thoughts on these intros and more on the Mortla kombat 11 forum!