He brought sweeping change to Outworld in Mortal Kombat X. Now the reigning Emperor Kotal Kahn is back to face dangers from the past in Mortal Kombat 11! The latest gameplay trailer pits him against a returning Jacqui Briggs! Watch:

Mortal Kombat X showed us Kotal Kahn's teal complexion is an artficial Osh-Tekk ceremonial tint, but he was keeping his animalistic side a secret in the last game! Both Kotal and Jacqui have received a gameplay revamp for MK11, with new tricks making them as dangerous as ever!

Jacqui utilizes tech upgrades to leap, knee, stomp and blast her way to victory. She can also project hard-light barriers to punish her opponents in kombat and an explosive new fatality! That's nothing compared to the improved arsenal of Kotal Kahn, who will still drink the blood of his enemies, scorch them with sunlight, and summon power-enhancing totems. His saw-toothed sword is inflicting gruesome damage as well, but its the fangs of a feline that reveal his most transformative new attack!

Update: Surprised to see Kotal Kahn suffer brutal defeat in his own reveal trailer? You aren't alone! Ed Boon described the outcome as "an error that slipped by" while responding to the observation on Twitter.

Mortal Kombat 11 is roughly a month away, releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch starting April 23rd! Participating pre-orders will get you early access when the Closed Beta begins next week! Get all the important details and join the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!