Kung Lao is broken As fuck!
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RE: Kung Lao is broken As fuck!
08/25/2019 04:37 AM EST

[Just some offtop] You know guys, I'm just starting to really (I mean REALLY) bealieve that I made a terrible mistake to miss out MK9. I think I might just return to it. MKX looked horrible and because of that I did not buy MK11 (still waiting for a sale of GOTY, I'm in no hurry) and MK9 when I saw the trailer got me drooling all over the screen (but I had no free $$$ at that time). Plus, the game has now all sorts of tutorials and skin mods and since Kung Lao is one of my favourite characters, the better for me.

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RE: Kung Lao is broken As fuck!
03/07/2020 05:15 PM EST

Ever since MK2. Kung Lao has been my favorite. Every game he's in, I'm in, but that said. He's not broken, not even very good. The only reason I succeed on any level with him is because of the quality of my opponent. He was better in MKX. And even better in MK9! I don't know how they felt that he was a finished fighter. Furthermore, in kustom, if I want to teleport, then I have to give him air-teleport. From the ground it's way too slow. And what's the point of spiritual guidance? It doesn't do anything new. He's got 2 viable strings and no overhead and no lows. If you play against casual or even good players, you can win pretty often, but that's only if you are more knowledgeable than them on whom they are using. But against highly skilled players you will be at the disadvantage. Which sucks! Because, that's my guy!