Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath will renew hostilities when downloadable fighters get involved with additional story mode chapters coming later this month - but that's not all. MK will also embrace a softer side with the return of Friendships! Join the party in the official trailer:

The trailer features a rapidfire montage of highlights from various character's upcoming friendly finishers. It all unfolds to the rapturous late nineties ska sound of Smash Mouth, covering War's iconic 1975 single Why Can't We Be Friends?

Where these moves are from: fighters play a pretty song and there's always music in the air. Kollector is a one-man band, Kabal chops wood on the xylophone, Sindel warbles into a champagne glass, and Jax does his best impression of Sergey "Epic Sax Guy" Stepanov in an homage to SunStroke Project's meme-ified 2010 Eurovision performance!

Friendships have really gone to another level since their debut in Mortal Kombat II, but don't think NetherRealm Studios has forgotten where it came from. Liu Kang is bringing back disco, Johnny Cage reprises his Ninja Mime role, Scorpion got a bigger teddy bear since MK2011, and pint-sized dynamo Kidd Thunder is back too for a laser light show!

There are far too many madcap antics crammed into the 90 second trailer to recap, all offering different shades of our favourite fighters. There is one particularly noteworthy cameo, though. Mileena joins her genetic sister for some schoolyard hand clapping!

Watch the embedded trailer above and preview Kano & Noob Saibot's Friendships in their entirety by following the link! MK11: Aftermath will be available digitally from May 26th, with Friendships, Stage Fatalities, and new Arenas all coming in a free update for anyone with MK11!

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