The long awaited announcement of Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath was an embarrassment of riches! New story, characters, skins and more are coming later this month. Take a closer look at all of them in these official screenshots:

Fujin and Sheeva make their playable return as downloadable characters, with movie icon Robocop coming to life wth all the classic trimmings. The guest fighter is voiced by original star Peter Weller, featuring the classic Rob Botin design, and its deadly data spike!

Along with new characters, the Aftermath expansion pack will also supply three skin packs including the Eternal Klash Skin Pack. Available at launch to anyone who pre-orders, it features exciting throwback designs for "Kori Power" Frost inspired by klassic MK, "Unbound Rage" Scorpion based on Mortal Kombat (2011), and "Son of Arctika" Sub-Zero based on MK: Deception!

All players will receive free updates in conjunction with Aftermath that include returning arenas from MKII and MK3: The Dead Pool and Soul Chamber. The game will also bring back Stage Fatalities and Friendships! You can see Kano and Noob Saibot perform their non-lethal finisher in Friendship preview videos.

A huge part of the appeal of Aftermath is its extension of the cinematic epic Mortal Kombat 11 Story Mode. Shang Tsung steps into the spotlight to help restart time after the destruction of Kronika's crown prevents Fire God Liu Kang from remaking fate. The plot is outlined in the Aftermath Announce Trailer, but you can also take a special look at a preview scene also featuring Nightwolf!

will be released digitally starting May 26th, with a disc based version exclusive to the Americas expected sometime in June. Physical availability may be subject to on-going events surrounding the coronavirus crisis.

Seeing is believing. Share your thoughts about the screenshots and preview images in the comments and discover more Aftermath news on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!