Sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride. That's the best advice I can give you going forward. This installment on the longstanding Mortal Kombat series is above and beyond the best one to date, and we'll go into detail as to why you should buy it. (Seriously, if you haven't gotten a copy, then stop what you're doing, right now, and go pick this game up!)

Mortal Kombat 11 picks up where Mortal Kombat X left off in the story mode, and it's a non-stop rock 'em, sock 'em movie grade story mode. I don't want to spoil anything for you if you haven't seen it or played it yet, but there are several times you will laugh, you will freak out, and enjoy all the delicious nostalgia that NetherRealm Studios have served up for all of us. You'll see some familiar faces, some shocking surprises, and all your fan favorites in the story. (Well... almost all the fan favorites!) At the conclusion of the story, I was left excited for the future of this franchise, and very satisfied with its conclusion. Definitely meaty, lengthy and hard to put down, I started my time with story mode at 10 PM and didn't stop until I had reached its conclusion at 3:45 AM. That's how addicting the story mode was. From the facial animation team, to the story animations, to the delivery of the lines by the voice actors, every single character is easily believable. You'll certainly find that you care for these characters, and their fates. It's definitely a thrill ride worth taking. As a fan of this franchise and a huge fan of their story and lore, I was not disappointed.

The graphics in this game are hands down the best in the series to date. The facial animations, the realistic look of the characters clothing, and the intense atmospheres all put you right into the game. Not to mention the huge amount of skins and costumes, plus the customizations (including the gear) allow for a seemingly infinite number of character designs! This is an easy score of a 10/10 as NetherRealm Studios yet again sets the bar in just how beautiful a fighting game can be.

The sound and audio fidelity in this game are something to be heard to be believed. I remember talking to some of The Netherkast crew at the reveal in Los Angeles, and having the conversation of how the punches and kicks look and feel heavier due to the audio. It's just amazing how sound can really make a game come to life, and NetherRealm Studio's audio team has outdone themselves on this game. Every hit, "Krushing Blow", and "Fatal Blow" will make you wince, the bone tingling audio definitely made everything feel heavier, and the hits look harder. An easy 10/10 for the sound effects. The musical score is also something wonderful that really strikes the nostalgia feeling I haven't felt since the early days of Mortal Kombat. Will Roget, the composer for this game, absolutely knocked this one out of the park with an amazing score that sets an amazing new standard in video games. All in all, you may have an awesome spotify playlist to jam to when you play this game, which is great, but the musical score in this game is so darned good, you may just be fine without your own playlist going.

Gameplay in this game is much more methodical than any in the past series. This game feels like UMK3, MK 2, and MKX had a child. It's a really great combination of all of those games and truly incorporates the best of the best from each. With a slower pace, it's much more of a cat-and-mouse game between players. Many times I was asking myself, "Should I go in here?", "Can I get away with this mixup?", "I can block... but how can I fake this guy out to get on the inside and force him into a corner combo?" You'll easily be able to take your time with this, and you'll find yourself asking those same questions out loud as you try to dominate in King of the Hill, Ranked Matches, and many of the other online game modes. It's a fantastic overall experience. The mechanics are much tighter, as you'll have to really be on top of what you're doing or executing, or else you'll be dropping combos. This is the best feeling competitive Mortal Kombat to date, and from all of us, this gets another 10/10.

Other honorable mentions in this installment is the amazing new Krypt and Towers of Time. As it stands, there have been a few issues with the Towers of Time being a bit too "difficult", however, Ed Boon and Tyler Lansdown confirmed updates would be coming very very soon to rectify the Towers of Time difficulty and the rewards given to make a much more flowing economy in the game. And speaking of the economy... you won't be done with the Krypt any time soon. The Krypt in this game is HUGE. It's a wonderful piece of the game that is really a love letter to die hard fans like myself and ]{0MBAT. Not only is the Krypt packed full of awesome things to unlock from gear to character art, it's also packed with a TON of lore from the games. You can really tell the developers at NetherRealm Studios made it a point to cater to the die hard fans, and with all the spoils and things you will find in there, from references to the films, to shocking revelations about characters fates, you'll absolutely love this mode. It's really a great part of the game, and it's so fun to see how the Krypt has evolved over the years. This is easily the best one in the series to date, as well as the largest. Fans won't be disappointed. A lovely 10/10.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy, because I'm proud to say, So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy, because I'm proud to say, in myself and tabmok99's eyes, this game is the first in awhile to get a solid PERFECT SCORE from us.

Absolutely a wonderful game, and the new standard for the Mortal Kombat series. As diehard fans, we're very particular about Mortal Kombat, and I can proudly say they have really made the absolute best Mortal Kombat game in the series to date.