Mortal Kombat 11: The Reveal is in the books, but anybody who missed the live broadcast of Ed Boon's keynote presentation can catch-up with a full archive thanks to Gamespot. Check it out:

Boon walked through a lot of returning and new elements to the game, including introducing characters revealed in gameplay trailer footage: Skarlet, Baraka, Sonya Blade, and Sub-Zero featured, with newcomer Geras, who was given his own trailer.

Character Variations diversified match-ups in Mortal Kombat X with three distinct versions of each character. MK11 takes the concept even further with 'near infinite' customization. For those who don't want to get bogged down in select menus - the game will provide default variations.

Customization effects gameplay, abilities, and presentation. You can change every character's design by altering three key elements, and augment it with upgrades and basic skins. "Boon's Main" Scorpion demonstrated the kinds of customization fans can expect. Base skins vary design pieces and colour highlights. Scorpion mostly kept to his trademark black and yellow (or gold), with highlight colours like white, red, brown, and even substantial amounts of blue shown in the demo! It may be shocking to see Scorpion wear the colour of his mortal enemies in the Lin Kuei clan, but with customization options you can choose your destiny to suit your preference!

"Ninja Mask" customization included Netherrealm Rage (new gold mask), Furious Demon (MKX style), Red Claw Scorpion (cloth), Path of Fire (MK3 style), Hanzo's Face of Heated Anger (gold smiling oni mask). "Katana" customization includes Ageru Tsuki Anmo Blade, Fiery Daito, Juzumaru, Shihozume Katana, Fumio Hasahi's Wrath. "Spear" customization includes Burning Akunin Hell Spear, Hellfire Kunai, Vengeance Kunai, Grandmaster's Righteous Fury, glowing hot Hokkaido Ablaze. All the spears demoed are attached by chain, so fans looking for that classic rope toss will have to keep waiting.

Mortal Kombat 11 splits resources into two meters to control character's abilities: horizontal for offensive, vertical for defensive. New special moves also include the Fatal Blow activated at 30% health. MK Online staff went hands-on with the demo build to find out more about these elements.

A reinvented Skarlet is one of the most exciting returning elements to come from The Reveal, with an overwhelming 53.6% of MK Online users voting her the MVP of the event! Skarlet's new look goes beyond short hairstyle, headgear, and new black & red leathers. Even the tendrils of blood she attacks with look better than ever!

According to Ed Boon, 2011's downloadable debutante was one of the most requested characters by fans. She sat out MKX after narrowly missing the cut, but made a minor splash working for Reiko in tie-in comic books. Demand for the one-hit wonder may seem slightly surprising to seasoned fans, but she came second in a 2016 poll, and during MK Online's 2016 Supreme Champion character vote upset Sonya Blade in the first round! Fitting, then, that Skarlet and Sonya faced off during The Reveal, and will apparently meet during the MK11 story mode! Sonya will be voiced by UFC, Olympic and WWE Champion Ronda Rousey, who also appeared on stage and featured in the Sonya Blade Reveal Trailer!

Kronika is the mysterious new threat who will vex characters in MK11. She stepped into the light in the Story Mode prologue cinematic that picks up right after Mortal Kombat X! Kronika has apparently been shaping fate as The Keeper of Time since the beginning of existence. You know she's old school, because she's none too happy about the reboot brought about by Raiden's meddling in Mortal Kombat (2011)! Her chronal influence will allow corrupt older versions of characters to meet their younger selves!

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