Happy Holidays! Christmas Day marks another year of Mortal Kombat Online and we're excited to celebrate with the launch of a new version of the site that will make us an even better part of your online Mortal Kombat experience!

By now you'll have noticed general aesthetic and navigational updates that compliment many of the changes we've made. The Site Menu is much like our metaphorical mantel -- decorated with Christmas stockings stuffed with plenty of goodies for the kommunity to enjoy!

Fight Klub is obviously a major part of our V9 update. It began with a desire to make the online gaming experience a bigger part of Mortal Kombat Online. The result is a new system that will make it easier for the kommunity to issue challenges, compete for leaderboard ranks, and participate in gameplay analysis and streaming -- both as players and spectators!

You can watch the Fight Klub trailer and find out more to get involved with the open public beta that is now underway. You can also download the new MKO App from the App Store to further enhance your experience with a modified mobile version of the site, and notifications that will keep you informed any place, any time!

Keeping you in the loop is also the function of the new MKO Calendar, which will highlight upcoming milestones and special events with detailed information, and ways you can get involved. You can already celebrate the Mortal Kombat Online Anniversary, or keep up to date with episodes of Survival Saturdays!

Following MKO's Stream Team will be even easier with the addition of the Kasts section that will keep you up to date on what's next for Survival Saturdays and the soon-to-return Fatal Friday. Soon you'll also be able to stream non-stop kombat wtih Fight Klub TV!

We've also made improvements to our long running Kreations section to make it easier to discover, follow, and share your favourite artists and their different works. Galleries will also continue to appear in updated User Profiles alongside various personal links and Fight Klub video content.

Curating your customized experience goes beyond profiles with updates to the Kommunity Forums, as well. Forum tags will help you seek out topics you're interested in and make it even easier to get involved in the discussion by commenting or liking posts. It's like having a forum dedicated to your favourite niche!

Some of these ideas go back many years, even to my earliest days as Mortal Kombat Online Webmaster, and it's been a pleasure not only to see designs and concepts come to fruition - but evolve and expand!

Please join me in congratulating and acknowledging Co-Founder & Administrator CCShadow, whose efforts have built and assembled so many iterations of MKO over the years, and continue to do so! Sysadmin DArqueBishop, who laid the bedrock upon which new systems have been built, without whom it simply would not have been possible! Likewise, the many contributions from Stream Team FataLKaDe & Survived_Kombatants, Community Manager m0s3pH, Co-Founder Scott-Howell, and the many who've helped along the way.

We continue to enjoy Mortal Kombat 11 and look forward to new dvelopments in the new year, as well as the long awaited arrival of the Mortal Kombat Movie! On behalf of everyone at MKO we bid you seasons greetings and a very happy holidays! Hope to see you on MKO soon!