Some action heroes are getting too old for this, but the Terminator T-800 is still carrying out his programming with supreme eficiency and maximum prejudice! Watch the killing machine of the future take on Jax and Kano in the latest Mortal Kombat 11 trailer!

A box of Johnny Cage action figures hides a nasty surprise as the aged Arnold Schwarzenegger enters the fight. It's one of several callbacks to iconic scenes from the long running Terminator film franchise, which began in 1984.

The actor's likeness is taken directly from the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate sequel in theatres November 1st. Earlier reports that a soundalike would need to be used appear to be accurate, with line readings robotic, but slightly unconvincing.

The T-800's organic outer layer may appear matured, but his fighting moves show no signs of rust! The Terminator is notably spry, closing distance quickly to unleash hard hitting moves and grappling, with an arsenal of shotgun and automatic pistol fire to inflict significant damage at range! When Scorpion bathes him in hellfire, or he takes a Fatal Blow, his metal endoskeleton is exposed to all.

Terminator has been a long time coming as one of several guest characters discussed for Mortal Kombat X! He was pipped by the likes of horror icon Jason Voorhees, but comparisons to the plodding slasher will be surprisingly difficult to draw. The only thing they share in common in Mortal Kombat is that they won't stop. Ever!

The Terminator arrives as the first guest fighter from the downloadable The Kombat Pack with early access starting October 8th. How does he stack up on Judgment Day? Jump into the comments below to share your thoughts and join the resistance on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!