If you think you have trouble beating Mortal Kombat with Expert difficulty settings -- try doing it without looking at the screen! That's the extra tier of challenge Metalhead666 -- better known as Carlos "OBSKHRattlehead" Vasquez -- plays with every session! If you think that sounds like an impossible task; watch as he breezes through the entire arcade ladder with - you guessed it - the blind sword saint: Kenshi!

Raw gameplay footage runs the risk of downplaying the incredible feat, but anyone still unconvinced can put their faith in the games developers! NetherRealm Studios were so impressed with this rare talent, they turned reporter to interview Carlos after he competed at the 2013 Evo World Championship. [Note: He made the finals of his pool!]

In the interview; Vasquez explained the condition called closed-angle glaucoma: A painful ocular disorder that prevents fluid flowing between the iris and cornea, causing severe pressure in the eye. The condition first struck at age 10, resulting in damage to the optic nerve that has, over time, degraded from short and blurred sight, to completely robbing him of his vision.

As a dedicated fan of fighting games, Carlos Vasquez wasn't about to give up playing. If this conjures visions of the great blind masters who've harnessed their other senses -- you're on the right track! Metalhead666 first introduced himself to Mortal Kombat Online in 2012 [read more]; explaining the specifics of his listening technique to curious users:

Well, the thing about this game is that the sound effects help a lot. I have a set of speakers in each side of my tv, which lets me know when I, or my opponent, is to the left or to the right of the screen. If you listen, you can tell how each fighter's grunts and [battlecries] come from where ever each fighter stands. As for combos, I come here and read the button configurations and then I listen to how they are performed on youtube, and finally, I go and try them out on practice mode.

Metalhead666 demonstrates his listening technique.

Having a technique is one thing, but mastering it is another. Armed with the knowledge and sounds of gameplay, Carlos applied himself like any tournament level player must. Kombat Houston provided a dojo for his training, where he honed precision timing and inputs equal to any player.

With Injustice: Gods Among Us announced for Evo 2014 [full story], "OBSKHRattlehead" will be able to attack the World Championships according to plan. Guided by his example, Mortal Kombat Online will be listening to find out how he does!

Follow and support Carlos @OBSKHRattlehead, or by watching more of his videos on YouTube. Why not try his unique playing method and share your experiences on the forums!