Mortal Kombat had landed in Latin America with a playable build for the first time at the Game Planet booth inside the Electronic Games Show.

During the course of today's events, One of the games Producers, Hector Sanchez; Will be at hand to give the press and the public a Presentation Demo of the upcoming game along with a Tournament-style playthrough. You'll also be able to have signings with Hector right on the stage!

Whilst there hasn't been any media or coverage from the event just yet, We do anticipate something to come from the show considering the nature of the event. More on this as it becomes available.

Meanwhile you can check out Mortal Kombat's translated schedule at the show right here.

Update #1: A few pictures taken during the show are below. One of Hector Sanchez sporting one of the aforementioned Netherrealm Studio's T-shirts and a shot of the public Tournament in action with Johnny Cage versus himself.

Update #2: EGS has posted a video of Hector playing as Scorpion versus a player using Kung Lao on their official Facebook page.

Update #3: mingzang3009 on Youtube has posted a demonstration video from EGS 2010 that features Hector explaining things about the game while the likes of Kitana, Reptile, Nightwolf and Cyrax do battle in tag team mode in the background. Thanks to forum member TioShard for this update!

Update #4: mingzang3009 has uploaded another video. This time the battle is between Nightwolf and Cyrax.

Update #5: mingzang3009 has again posted another video. The camera flows from two different fights featuring Kung Lao, Sub-Zero and Kitana.