As the second of three days at E3 rolled on, new information about the upcoming Mortal Kombat game surfaced in the form of new interviews and video. Firstly, G4 conducted an interview with Ed Boon in which he talked at great length about the gameplay, specifically the combo system, of the game, which he confirmed would be about in Spring 2011 for the Playstation 3 and XBox 360. A small transcript from the interview:

Ed Boon: "... Our goal with the fighting system was to create something that's a deeper fighting engine. And so in doing that we really wanted to open the doors for players to create their own combos. In some of the previous games we had combos that were strung together with button sequences; they're more pre-programmed into the game. But this one we're really trying to - our goal is to say let's just open a big palette and see what players paint, you know, so that in combination with our tag team, we can have characters jumping in and out of the fight, in mid combo, it creates just an unbelievable array of special moves and combos that you can string together, you know, just using your imagination. That's actually the most exciting part about our fighting mechanic. In designing the characters we really focused in on individuality. We really wanted every character to feel completely different from any other character in the game. And so, they have their own way that they walk, they punch, nobody's sharing animations and so when you're playing a character, you're learning it, you really feel connected to it..."

To watch the rest of the video, click here.

Screw Attack posted a video previewing several of the games fatalities. It begins with the classic stage fatality in The Pit. Following this, Mileena ripped the head off of Kung Lao and drank blood from it, drenching her own body in it, before slamming the head into the ground and going into a win pose. A montage follows, in which several fatalities are seen including Johnny Cage's head uppercut, Nightwolf's hatchet throw, Reptile acid bath, Kung Lao's hat toss decapitation and many more. The "Finish Him" text seems to pay homage to the older games as well, specifically Mortal Kombat II. To watch the entire video, click here.

On a closing note, Mortal Kombat won the Gamespot People's Choice award this year. MK team member Hans Lo posted the following image via his Twitter page:

Congratulations to the MK team for this accomplishment! If you missed our coverage of Day 1 at E3, be sure to click here to check it out. One final day of E3 still awaits!