Though this week is typically reserved for E3, gaming magazine legend EGM has revealed their cover art for the upcoming Issue #239 and it features the upcoming entry in the Mortal Kombat series as the cover story!

One of Mortal Kombat's poster boys, Sub-Zero, stands menacingly in a classically themed attire as the Mortal Kombat dragon logo rests in the background. Accompanying this is the blood-spattered text Mortal Kombat: Remaking a Legend. This issue of EGM is also cleverly titled "The Komeback Issue". These clues seem to hint that the upcoming game titled simply Mortal Kombat will be a remake or reboot of the series, rather than a continuation of any existing storyline. Though there appears to be no exact release date announced yet, Summer 2010 is listed and we will be keeping a close one on this developing story to bring you news of the game's appearance inside the magazine.

As always, we ask that when this magazine hits the shelves you go and purchase it. MK Online will not provide scans and we do not permit users to post them on our forums due to copyright. The cost of the magazine is $6.99 US/CAN.

Thanks to forum member Mick-Lucifer for word on this story!

Update: June 24: We have learned that the issue featuring Mortal Kombat on the cover will be going on sell officially June 29, 2010. The image featured will be one of two covers apparently, the other will feature the thunder god Raiden. You can visit EGM's online magazine, EGMi, by clicking here. It is free to register and there is a small preview of the Mortal Kombat article.