PAX East 2011

In one of the final stops for Mortal Kombat before the release on the game on April 19th (21st UK), MK Online will be in attendance for the event to bring you hands-on coverage and impressions! PAX East, located in Boston, will host the most complete build of the game yet. The popular expo which also hosts a west coast version of itself in Seattle during the summer [MK Online's coverage of PAX Summer '10] will feature the largest playable character roster on a publicly playable build of the game to date. During Ed Boon's recent sit-down with GDC, we saw a 16 character select screen available. We imagine this may be the build used for the event.

Possible PAX East 2011 Select Screen

A four character demo was released to Playstation Plus subscribers on Tuesday and will be available in the PSN store for all PS3 players March 15th. This build of the game features four characters and somewhat outdated gameplay mechanics and currently mirrors the build on the Mortal Kombat truck tour.The build at PAX should give us a better idea just what to expect when the final version of the game ships next month.

We will bring you impressions from the event over this coming weekend, so stay tuned to MK Online for the latest!