NetherRealm Studios have released their next installment of the MKast! This third episode focuses on the upcoming character, the blood-born creation of Shao Kahn's bidding, Skarlet!

"Bloodthirsty Skarlet is a skill-based character and probably the fastest on the roster so far..."

The video is laced with gameplay footage of Skarlet in action and is commentated by the games Lead Designer, Paulo Garcia and Assosiate Producer, Erin Piepergerdes. Discussed throught this episode is Skarlets history, being born from an urban legend that back in Mortal Kombat II a glitch would cause Kitana to turn red, this then fuelled Skarlet's actual existence in the latest Mortal Kombat. Her blood-based arsenal of special moves, incorporating her swords, daggers and even drawing her own blood to use against her opponents inflicting damage upon herself but with a big payoff. Paulo even goes as far to state that she is the most skill based and fastest character on the roster so far!

Skarlet is released tomorrow on Xbox Live and Playstation Network for 400 Microsoft Points and $4.99 respectively. For full details on her please click here! She is also one fourth of the Season Pass which also launches tomorrow!

View the latest MKast embedded above or check it out over on the Official Mortal Kombat Youtube Channel.

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