Players are all hands in this official new trailer for Mortal Kombat, a komplete edition variant for the PlayStation Vita that packs all the extras released with the first game, as well as handheld-specific extras!

Series icons Scorpion and Sub-Zero resume their feud for the minute and a half spot, battling out of Shao Kahn's Kolosseum into some of the familiar surroundings you may choose to do battle in.

Players will be asked to keep their kombat quiet in the library while they take advantage of features unique to the Vita. A blanket of previews have already showcased touchscreen fatalities, Test Your Balance, and other interactive mini-games that come with the 150 new tasks that await in a completely revamped Challenge Tower!

Challenge #1 is already known to answer widespread requests for a chance to play as Shao Kahn -- the famous Emperor of Outworld who returned as unplayable boss, in the original 2011 release. By far the most popular new feature with Mortal Kombat Online users are the sixteen new costumes [receiving over 58% in our poll]. The new designs go to multiple characters, including, Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain and Freddy Kreuger, who did not benefit from alternate outfits in their original downloadable release.

Update Feb. 17: The high concept of taking gaming on the road has led some outlets to misreport that the Vita version will feature "Augmented Reality" as facilitated by camera features in the device. Most prominently, and the In-Game on MSNBC reported the mistake, but have since retracted. Ed Boon (series Director) provided a source after the release of the trailer, noting [via Twitter], "Augmented Reality feature in MK Vita? No, just a really cool promotional video."

Running at a console equivalent 60FPS (Frames Per Second); Kombat promises to be as Komplete on the street, as it is in the home. Mortal Kombat includes all the expected features, including PlayStation exclusive guest character, Kratos.

Gamespot have an unverified US release date of April 2, while PlayStation Network recently revealed an expected UK date of April 27, as reported via Twitter. For live updates, follow @MK_Online, or like us on Facebook.