Hector Sanchez - Livin' La Vita Loca in his latest Twitter avatar!Coverage from this years PAX East has all but trickled out, leaving a string of hands-on previews and reviews mostly telling us what we already know. By far, the biggest story from PAX East is the last minute inclusion of Augmented Reality -- the result of PlayStation Vita tech, a lot of confused misreadings of a high concept commercial, and NetherRealm Studios' willingness to seize on a good thing when they see it.

Mortal Kombat Online was on top of the twisting story of "Augmented Reality" throughout its many transitions of truth and fiction, reporting the latest earlier in the week.

If the inclusion of real time photographed backgrounds of anything isn't enough of an augmentation of your reality, there's always T4Show.com's hands-on demo with Hans Lo [embedded below], hosted by T4 founder and two-time ECW Tag Team Champion, Stevie Richards, to mess with your grasp on things!

Mortal Kombat continues to be a great endorsement for the Vita console, unique hardware features at the heart of the majority of the demo. Challenges like the Fruit Ninja inspired mini-game, Test Your Slice, joins other touchscreen challenges in the much talked about all new 150 Challenge Tower tasks. Test Your Balance makes likewise use of the natural tools of the device, a complimenting factor Lo describes as a natural process, rather than a race to include each and every feature of the Vita.

Not to be outdone by his cohort, Hector Sanchez has discussed the nature of the medium and genre with Gamasutra. Sanchez takes confidence from the boom being experienced across the major fighting franchises, noting the ease with which games like Mortal Kombat can compliment a timeshort world.

The augmented arena (built upon a base of MKII Kombat Tomb sprites) will be restricted to practice mode, but with the Vita supporting adhoc and WiFi peer-to-peer fight options, the Komplete handheld edition will be ready to live up to every facet of its "Fight Anywhere, Kombat Anyone" promotional tagline [read on].

Mortal Kombat hits the PlayStation Vita May 1 (May 4, EU). Boasting a long list of unique features, including 16 new bonus costumes and the first chance to play as Shao Kahn in one of 150 new Tower challenges, the Vita is clearly packing more than simply another port.

Not to ignore console owners, PlayStation Store is still offering massive Mortal Kombat savings across the franchise line. Spring Fever deals of up to 50% off DLC and more lasts for a limited time [full story]. For more updates like this, follow @MK_Online or like us on Facebook.