Voice actor Andrew Bowen has reignited a wildfire of speculation with a video shared to social media from the Warner Bros lot. It's one of a series of posts that imply the Johnny Cage actor is working on something, but exactly what brought the actor there remains unknown. Details:

Bowen shared a similar video tweet in April and a photo last year [pictured in header], wearing sunglasses and a sheepish grin in both, but as IGN reports, the latest clip was deleted as soon as it began to fuel wider speculation. The reason for this is unspecified.

The April tweet included a fist emoji, explosion, and sunglasses smile, which could easily be interpreted as a sly reference to Mortal Kombat, but WB is also working on other projects, such as MultiVersus. CBR reports music from Mortal Kombat II music could be heard in the latest clip, but this could not be verified by MK Online at the time of writing.

NetherRealm Studios became a source for rampant speculation at the start of the year when a production manager shared a photograph of his desk including miscellaneous images from the developer's past projects, and computer filenames marked "MK12".

Chief Creative Officer Ed Boon has remarked that their next project will make sense once revealed. Responding to a fan on Twitter last month regarding expecting "something big soon", Boon offered a terse and decisive: "No".

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