So far there's been no official word, but more than 63% of MK Online users think it's going to happen -- and now the Director of MultiVersus is asking fans which two Mortal Kombat characters they'd pick for the Warner Bros brawler. Read on for details:

Player First Games co-founder and MultiVersus Director, Tony Huynh, took to Twitter to ask fans which two kombatants they'd like to see join the multi-brand brawler that will feature everyone from Shaggy to Batman.

Huynh stressed that the question is not a confirmation, "I’m definitely not saying it’s going to happen", but with speculation already rife, and Arya Stark of the adult Game of Thrones franchise already confirmed, expectations are inevitably beginning to form.

MultiVersus is expected to leverage a wide variety of Warner Bros properties unrestrained from genre or era, already incorporating cartoon worlds from Looney Tunes, Steven Universe and Adventure Time, as well as DC Comics superheroes.

Mortal Kombat seems a natural fit, but the kid-friendly brawler will need to adapt its fighters for a less bloody and nuanced form of kombat, relying on team-up chemistry and unique powers to stand-out from the crowd. Scorpion and Sub-Zero are obvious prospects, but the lightning of Raiden, the four-arms of Goro, or the fans of Kitana might just work.

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