The latest 1.11 update to Mortal Kombat X Mobile is changing up the game with a major new mode, and the addition of a character who fulfills a long requested fan dream match!

Freddy Krueger was a surprise guest fighter in Mortal Kombat (2011) and is finally coming to MKX! You can relieve the nightmare and finally duke it out with classic slasher rival: Jason Voorhees! It's the guest character showdown fans wanted on consoles, but will only get if they pull the nightmare into their portable device through the upcoming Challenge, or pay-to-play early access! Every town has an Elm Street. You're all his children, now!

The update also introduces Shao Kahn's Tower! A 100 rung ladder that challenges your team and allows you to earn Talent Points that will improve your roster through the Talent Tree. With Talent Points you'll be able to increase the impact of your damage, wield a stronger defense, and generally kick even more butt.

Along with Freddy Krueger, fans can look forward to more new additions to the character kard: Bounty Hunter Erron Black and Spec Ops Scorpion are coming to the DIamond and Gold Tiers [pictured above[. Elder God Kenshi will also draw his sword against players in an upcoming challenge!

All this, plus: Daily free kard packs for the holidays, double XP Bonus Events, Klassic Character variations in the Faction Wars Store, and scintillating new equipment -- Blaze's Life Force and The Devastator!

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