It's been almost a full year since we learned about NetherRealm Studio's first RPG app and now Mortal Kombat; Onslaught is available to pre-order/pre-register with a tentative release slated this month!

With an unofficial "expected" release window of October 17th; MK: Onslaught will open up the Mortal Kombat universe for an original kombat-driven action-RPG story with over 50 characters to collect and level-up through story mode and PVP play.

MK: Onslaught expands the NetherRealm Studios mobile gaming roster, complimenting Mortal Kombat Mobile, which continues to update with Mortal Kombat 1 characters coming next!

You can pre-register to download now from The App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android.

While you're there -- you can also find the MKO App on App Store & Google Play and use it to join the conversation in the Mortal Kombat Mobile forum!