Amazon Games have revealed the exclusive first-look at Goro in action in a new official trailer! The pre-order bonus fighter will also be showcased later today during the Amazon Goro Lives All Access Stream event

The trailer shows off Mortal Kombat's iconic four-armed fighter in his latest incarnation -- returning to the playable roster for the first time since Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006)!

Goro comes with all the trimmings in Mortal Kombat X! He exchanges fight intro banter with film-rival Johnny Cage in the trailer, tearing a hapless bystander apart for an extra show of strength. His playable kombat style is all about strength and fist flying fury! The trailer shows off a variety of grapple & pound, fire breathing, bone wrenching and body hammering moves! Watch it on Amazon Games.

Goro is a pre-order bonus available to anyone who orders the game before release in-store or digitally [full story]! Mortal Kombat X officially arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC on Tuesday, April 14th [details]. Register to discuss it all on the forums