Recently, Game Informer caught up with series co-creator Ed Boon and touched on a subject unknown to most. Following the release of Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Paradox Studios was slated to do another game featuring rivals Scorpion and Sub-Zero called Mortal Kombat: Fire And Ice. The game apparently would have played somewhat similar to Shaolin Monks, but due to funding the concept was eventually abandoned.

"When they finished [Shaolin Monks], the guys at Paradox were gonna do another one called Fire & Ice. It was gonna be a co-operative Scorpion and Sub-Zero game," Boon said. "They actually started the early stages of that game, but they couldn’t do it in time and under budget, so the project was canceled and kind of went away."

The interview goes on to ridicule the much maligned spinoff Mortal Kombat Special Forces, to which Ed Boon admits the game probably shouldn't have been shipped. Several months ago, Ed mentioned this mysterious game on his Twitter account with the simple message of "Fire And Ice!", a clue to this then unknown entity. To read the full article on Game Informer, click here.

Thanks to forum member -NIGHTWOLF- for the word on this story!