In Mortal Kombat X, concept artists have helped to redesign and redefine klassic icons for a new generation. In this Mortal Kombat Online exclusive update: artist Justin Murray takes us deeper into the design process, revealing unused and unseen visions for the soul warrior: Ermac!

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The concepts range from familiar variations on the final design, to intriguing reinventions that turn the new look into something slightly different.

A completely unmasked Ermac instantly stands out, showing a fused mouth, pale face and chilling gaze. When dressed all in black, he's almost a vision of death itself - helped along by a dark hooded coat. The hood and jacket motif have been a consistent fixture for Ermac's primary designs for Mortal Kombat X. They combine with past elements in one Murray design, which features details like the Deception era belt, and MK2011's black bandages.

Fans were memorably introduced to similar concepts this time last year, based on similar work shared by NetherRealm artist Bernard Beneteau.

Fans can see more of Justin Murray's Mortal Kombat X concept art in previous features: Reptile & Kitana, Mileena & Ferra/Torr. Mortal Kombat Online will be featuring more work from the artists in upcoming exclusive updates!

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