With almost no significant Injustice 2 news coming from NetherRealm Studios over the past few months, it's starting to feel as if time were standing still on the 2017 project. What would a frozen moment in the Mortal Kombat developer's lives look like? A lot like this, apparently:

The soon-to-be viral shenanigans are described by YouTube poster Shannah as "NRS employees lolly-gagging around the office". We prefer to think of it as the explanation for why so many in Mortal Kombat X suddenly have a beard.

Standing still en masse has become the latest craze sweeping the internet over the last month or so. The "Mannequin Challenge" has encouraged large groups to hone their stationary craft in a variety of creative ways. NetherRealm's effort may be the first to feature quite so many implied entrails, but that claim is unverified at the time of this report.

Music is Trouble by Cage The Elephant. Enjoy their alternative rock sound while trainspotting for MK favourites like Dan "Toasty" Forden and Carlos "Raiden" Pesina. Other NetherRealm staffers are available.

If viral video memes are your kind of thing, flash back to 2014 for the now classic NetherRealm Ice Bucket Challenge. It's very cool. (That's right).

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