Edit Apr. 2: What the duck?! While we may have seen hoaxes like Ermac, rumors like Skarlet, and obscurities like Tremor make it to the modern roster - Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot has not been given that honor! Like water off a duck's back, you of course knew this was merely our annual April Fools gag! This article and its basic contents were a fabrication. NetherRealm Studios will be spotlighting MKX Mobile on today's Kombat Kast, though, so keep an eye out for it! Otherwise, have fun and keep listening for the quack that echoes!

Ahead of tomorrow's Kombat Kast live preview of Mortal Kombat X Mobile -- the first cross-platform unlockable character has been revealed! Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot joins the fight via iOS & Android with a character render and mini-bio!

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Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot
Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot is the sole survivor of an ancient waterproof race. While in exile, he was awoken from hibernation during Outworld's attempt to merge with EarthRealm. The emperor had drained Outworld's natural resources, causing a drought that killed Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot's family and species. When Kotal Kahn claimed emperorship years after Shao Kahn's death, "Aqua" agreed to join Kotal's forces to fight against the warrior who drained his pond - Rain. Only when he has killed Rain will Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot reveal his true grand plan.

Fans will be able to unlock "Aqua" for consoles & PC by completing free-to-play MKX Mobile missions that grant special access via WBPlay. Registered WBID holders will also be able to use the service to redeem access to the free Future Raiden skin.

The official introduction of Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot continues NetherRealm's contemporary re-evaluation of past obscurities. Much like Tremor; Aqua owes his convoluted origins to discarded Trilogy era material [full story]. Tremor returns as a playable bonus character included in the Mortal Kombat X DLC Kombat Pass.

The mobile version of Aqua will likely be demoed during tomorrow's Kombat Kast #8 [preview], which will spotlight the MKX Mobile app. Get an early sneak peek via Kenshi mobile reveal and app footage recorded at GDC!

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