Is this the first promo poster from the next Mortal Kombat? Following up on our Ed Boon Twitter Mystery update -- what might be the first promotional poster image for a new Mortal Kombat sequel! [Image Source: AllGamesBeta]

Who's Next?

Anecdotal reports are coming in to tell us the mystery poster [pictured above] was uploaded to Reddit, before being deleted some time later. IGN are reporting All Day Gamers as the original source

Earlier, NetherRealm Studios Director Ed Boon updated that mystery white circle with the Injustice: Gods Among Us regime logo -- but has since switched for a white on black version of the Mortal Kombat Dragon Logo and the Who's Next? tagline of the poster!

Filled: Ed Boon Twitter Mystery filled with new Mortal Kombat tagline?

While the simple spine X-ray, font & logo could all be creations of an enthusiastic fan -- it's worth noting that Boon's twitter profile matches up with all the elements. The dragon logo differs slightly in its dimensions from classic versions. A fully conceived poke at the rabid fans chasing a sequel - or indication of the legitimacy of the post?

Update: Hey, that Boon's a real trend setter! The official Mortal Kombat Facebook has adopted the new black & white dragon logo and "Who's Next?" tagline, too!

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