Mortal Kombat X will not be at this year's San Diego Comic-Con -- but that doesn't mean the fine folks at NetherRealm Studios don't have more to show us! Over on the Official Facebook - the team is giving us a closer look at the different variations of newcomer D'Vorah! Check it out:

Each character Variation will offer different visual tells to inform the player who they're up against. With D'Vorah's first two Variations revealed -- you can see some of the obvious visual differences. Better still, get the developer's own take on the all important play style differences that are being touted as a major innovation of the new game.

Brood Mother: This Variation gives D'Vorah the ability to launch a crawling minion that locks down her opponent. D'Vorah can then manoeuvre into close range and attack with relative ease.

Swarm Queen: In this Variation D'Vorah has the ability to summon a wasp tornado, lifting opponents into the air. She can also throw explosive bug bombs. These moves are excellent zoning tactics. Special moves in the Swarm Queen Variation can also be used as combo openers.

Venomous: In this Variation, all of D'Vorah's ovipositor attacks poison the opponent and are highly effective for rushdowns. This Variation also allows for better chip damage and tactically matches up well against strong defensive opponents.

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