The NetherKast is an exciting new kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase! The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat X and the series as a whole! The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube:

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00:05:32 - Number 10
00:13:40 - Number 9
00:23:46 - Number 8
00:30:55 - Number 7
00:42:56 - Number 6
00:58:52 - Number 5
01:17:53 - Number 4
01:27:19 - Number 3
01:38:19 - Number 2
01:51:00 - Number 1
02:13:57 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Kabal
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The NetherKast is hosted by MKO User blackcyborg with regular co-hosts: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo.

In the third episode, the conversation turns to pure speculation as the Kasters pool opinions to determine their Top 10 characters they want to see in Mortal Kombat X! No spoilers in the show notes, so you'll have to dive in to the marathon 2 hours 42 minutes pure MKX Kombat konversation! Their klassic kombatant of the week is Kabal - a retrospective look back at MK's masked nomad, so don't count him out of the Top 10 just yet!

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