The NetherKast is a kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase. The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat - new and old. The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube below:

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00:02:27 - The Kove
00:10:46 - Snow Forest
00:28:36 - Outworld Marketplace
00:42:01 - The Jungle
01:01:47 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Stryker
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The NetherKast is hosted by MKO User blackcyborg with regular co-hosts: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo.

In the sixth episode: The NetherKrew dive into the arena to discuss Mortal Kombat X stages! They venture deep into the few arenas we've seen so far, to exploring the weather of The Kove, the mystery of the Snow Forest, the commerce of Outworld Marketplace, and the dense flora & fauna of The Jungle. These conversations contain a minimum of spoilers.

Also in the episode: this week's klassic combatant is Mortal Kombat 3's man on the street - Kurtis Stryker (NYPD)! The Krew reflect upon the infamy of the character, his Armageddon and Mortal Kombat (2011) revamps, and his potential future.

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