MK9 Loose Ends
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RE: MK9 Loose Ends
12/04/2014 06:41 AM EST
But why bother with sea shells when TP and a bidet is all one could possibly need? And does that mean you'd have to WASH the shells, or worse - SHARE THEM?? IT MAKES NO SENSE. Then there's this which i just happened to stumble upon 2 seconds ago:

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)

Anyway, the Lin Kuei: Sub-Z has a Grandmaster variant, so what's up with him regarding the Sektor & Cyrax situation. Is Cyrax lost in the desert like before? Is Sektor's ending canon? Did the new Sub get the dragon medallion away from Sektor, driving him to form the Tekunin just like the OT? Also, what happened to Noob in the soulnado?

The Red Dragon: Will they be hunting down Kano like before? We assume Daegon has been awake for some time now, how will he interact with Shinnok this time around?
The Black Dragon: Will we see anyone else other than Kano? (Jarek, Tremor etc.) Poor guy's representing by himself right now.

Kenshi/Sento: If Shang did die, that means Sento would have had Kenshi's ancestors return to it, right? Does Kenshi prefer to work alone still, or will he join Sonya's team?

Skarlet: Is she now aware of Quan Chi's treachery, or has she "gone into hiding"? (meaning we won't see her at all).

Tarkatans: What of Mileena & Baraka? Do they form an uneasy truce as in OT only intending to backstab each other?

Shokans: Post Shao Kahn, to whom will they be loyal? What is Goro's relationship to Sheeva? They never appeared together or acknowledged each other.

Saurians: Reptile/Khameleon/Chameleon survival 'love' triangle? Will Rep EVER get to learn the truth about Kahn's deception, Khameleon's existence, etc. And does Nitara step in to manipulate him again?
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RE: MK9 Loose Ends
12/04/2014 12:39 PM EST
What happened to all of the survivors so far after MK9. I am most interested in how the Lin Kuei will play a part in MKX.
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