They've revealed the downloadable characters in the Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack - but they still have to make them! Creative Director Ed Boon has used Twitter to micro blog NetherRealm Studios' progress as the game goes gold, and production on bonus characters begins:

"Sketching some DLC character moves & stuff for tomorrow's motion capture shoot."

"Motion Capture at NetherEnds Studio with @CarlosPesina."

Boon's trademark stick figure story board offers a glimpse ahead into one or more DLC character's moves. The impression of a projectile that can be read several ways, in favour of Predator's arsenal of high tech weapons, or Tanya's Edenian boomerang.

Figuring out the motion capture snapshot is a whole lot harder. You can get a better frame of reference by going deeper into the "mokap" process in this week's Story Mode Motion Capture Breakdown!

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